Make Works

Content Strategy

Make Works’ content strategy started out as an outlet for team ramblings and radio shows on the Make Works Tour. From this, we have learnt it is important to communicate within the team to understand what could be potential content, and to schedule in time to write regular online Stories, aiming for around three pieces each week; publishing a combination of articles, interviews, how-to guides and reviews. The idea is to always communicate something useful and interesting about local manufacturing or materials to our core audience.
Make Works Scotland were sceptical about committing too much time to content in the beginning, but have been proven again and again that publishing new content regularly makes a real difference to how many people are actually using the site and making regular enquiries to their listed factories. In the first three months of writing regular content for example, listed factories reported an increase of new enquiries from once a month to once a week, and we went from less than 500 users a week to over 1,000.
Content writing also gives you another way to showcase new factories you might have visited, the people, machines, materials and processes behind them. We find it a really useful outlet to let our inner geeks out - a chance to share stories about your city, materials or machines you might have just come across.
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