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Funding & Budgets
There is no way around it, finding funding is difficult, but it can be done. We’re not advocating that funding is a sustainable route to run your Make Works region long-term, but it is something you can look at for the first couple of years as you get off the ground.

Tips: Fundraising

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    Do it anyway - When Make Works Scotland first started going for funding they were turned down countless times over the first 9 months, and needless to say, the moment they put out a press release to say they were running the Make Works Tour, and funders who had previously said no, came back to them with a giant yes. They realised that funders like to join something that has momentum, and not everyone is willing to take risks.
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    Figure out what you can get ‘in-kind’ - This is not only super helpful for funding applications, as it shows you have support from other businesses and organisations; but means you don’t actually need to raise as much cash. In-kind could be as simple as studio space or access to recording equipment, to consultancy. Over a year this could save you thousands!
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    Don’t try to ‘fit’ into too many boxes - Make Works Scotland could have gone in for grants to do with all sorts of things, but that doesn’t mean they needed to fit into everyone else’s priorities. Here’s a list as an example: Environment, Sustainability, Circular Economy, Manufacturing (also Future of Manufacturing), Skills and Jobs, Local Economy, Arts, Cultural and Creative (incl. filmmaking and photography), Digital Design, Mapping, Research, Platforms and Networks, Archiving and Industrial Heritage. Try to understand what funders are after, then make a decision about whether you want to apply. After all, it is meant to be an exchange, so there’s no point pretending you are one thing, when actually you are not.
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    Try to get face to face meetings with funders if you can - Having a conversation, showing how passionate you are, explaining stories of the manufacturer's you’ve visited make for much more successful funding bids. If that fails, an introduction to somebody at the organisation who has an interest in this area makes the world of difference.
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    Make sure you budget for your time - The best thing a funder ever told Make Works Scotland about a budget was “where is your production fee?” The most important thing about Make Works are the people that run it (i.e you) and covering the costs for your time is partly what you are fundraising for!
Routes to try:
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    Public Funding: Arts, Lottery, Government R&D grants. (etc)
  2. 2.
    Grants and Foundations
  3. 3.
    Local Councils
  4. 4.
    Academic / Research Council Funding
  5. 5.
  6. 6.
    Sponsorship and Trade Bodies
  7. 7.
    Individual Donations
  8. 8.
    Likeminded Corporate Sponsorships
  9. 9.
    Fundraising campaigns
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Budgets help you to manage project income and expenditure. Alongside a project cash flow and your books, budgets are a critical tool to plan and manage your project and keep the financial side of things real.
Email [email protected] from Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC to explain your needs and you'll receive an assessment on how we could be able to support your needs.
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