Make Works
Up and running
You have visited dozens of manufacturers, created many listings, successfully launched your region on Make Works and are delighted that people in your area are actually using the resource. Hooray!
As incredible an achievement as this is, running Make Works isn’t only about listing manufacturers; connecting industry to artists, designers and wider members of the community is an ongoing process.
Once your Make Works region is up and running there will be enquiries coming in from both your listed manufacturers, your new set of users using the website to source manufacturing in your area and opportunities for new projects. This section will give you an overview of the day to day operational tasks that will come up and how best to manage them.
Please note that this does not go into detail about the technical maintenance of the platform. The Region Champion is in charge of keeping the region information and listings up to date. However we encourage the manufacturers to sign up on Make Works to manage any updates of their listing. Information then will only need to be verified and published by the respective Region Champion.
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