Make Works
Make Works is an open source, global library for local and sustainable production
If you’ve gotten this far, then it is likely an introduction to Make Works isn’t required! However, it is worth sharing a few key things and telling you where you can read more.
Find local manufacturers in your region | Make Works
Make Works’ mission is to make local manufacturing openly accessible.
An open access factory finder, we source manufacturers, makers, material suppliers and workshops in local areas defined by regions. The online platform allows designers, makers, artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, micro-businesses and everyone that wants to, to search listings in their local area so that they can find someone who can assist them to create, prototype, build or repair things.
Regions | Make Works
Make Works is also open in the way that it is made. Make Works regions are created by passionate individuals, groups and organisations who want to map manufacturing in their local area. In our experience, motivation to establish a Make Works region can range from supporting creative communities to economic development, preserving heritage and skills to amplifying a creative industries. The network of Make Works regions constitute the distributed Coordination Team.
The Make Works Coordination Team is based at Fab Lab Barcelona at the Institute for Advanced Architecture Catalonia (IAAC) , Barcelona. IAAC is a centre for research, education, production and outreach, with the mission of envisioning the future habitat of our society and building it in the present. Fab Lab Barcelona has been home to Make Works since 2018. The Coordination Team together with the established regions are responsible for visioning the future of Make Works. In addition, the Coordination Team supports the existing and emerging regions, strategically facilitating peer-to-peer exchanges for a horizontal management of Make Works. As a convivial point of interaction the Team listens and engages with global and local communities in various activities.
Everything uploaded to Make Works is done so under CC BY licence 4.0.
Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0
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