Fab Labs and Makerspaces
Fab Labs and makerspaces are key to REFLOW because they are active prototyping communities: the spaces host makers that are constantly working to develop, test, improve and scale practical solutions.
Fab Labs & makerspaces also have the advantage that they play host to a wide variety of stakeholders from many different backgrounds. A mix of actors enables more opportunities to look at issues holistically as well as from a whole new perspective. As our work on REFLOW is about changing the status quo, being able to approach the issues facing pilots from a new perspective is essential.
Lastly, Fab Labs and Makerspaces specifically empower and provide tools to citizens and entrepreneurs and often have connections to local governance structures. REFLOW targets each of these groups, making Fab Labs and Makerspaces a great place to start searching for and developing community partners and support.

How you can find Fab Labs & makerspaces

They're everywhere, but unfortunately not one unique database that incl. Here are some helpful tools to find your local Fab Labs & makerspaces.
Labs Map | FabLabs
FabLabs.io - The Fab Lab Network
List of Hacker Spaces - HackerspaceWiki
Makerspaces groups
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